Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Cool and calm conditions today. Expect a high likelihood of frozen guides. Fishing remains very good although the wind has been pretty persistent. Southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado in a good winter storm pattern right now…these are imperative to the health of Miracle Mile, Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon. Go snow!

Nymphing with leeches, scuds, crawdizzle, midges and The Reef’s NEW Ice Minnow.

Streamers: Goldie(especially at Miracle Mile) Bergin Bugger(Reef) and Platte River Spider

Adams for midge hatches and rising fish…not parachute but ol’ fashion Adams or Matts Midge.

We have had several requests for trips and the wind forecast has prompted us to discourage it. Not that we don’t want to be on the water but cold and super windy is pretty miserable for the anglers.

I’m having a hard time not giving details on our projects…should be soon!