Wyoming Fly Fishing Report finally!

Whoa! I just realized my phone generated fishing reports the past week haven’t posted. Sorry! This old site will get a facelift soon. Fishing the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River has been very good per usual. The water is in amazing condition and the flows are at 1500cfs. We love the added water and are expecting a nudge of 2000cfs around the first of May. A lot can change between now and then so don’t bank on it. Remember the closure between the cables during the month of April. Tickets are being handed out for this violation so don’t forget to hold your rig while floating through. Also, the spawn is on. Please, please ,please don’t walk through the redds as this does tremendous damage to natural trout production. We also encourage you to not target actively spawning fish. Taking fish off of deeper redds is unavoidable sometimes but “sight fishing” the shallow water is frowned upon. It is really cool to watch them do their thing and this is the time to do it. The risk of predation is trumped by their desire to procreate and that is why you can walk right up to them. Hooking these fish is anticlimactic anyway.

Miracle Mile is fishing well but not anything Grey Reef. Midges are the hatch of the day and Baetis are squiggling around. They will make a grand appearance soon…my favorite crazy spring fishing of all. Fremont Canyon is fishing well and getting quite bit of attention.

The North Platte Lodge still has some April availability if you want to experience what Grey Reef is famous for. Location, guides and access can’t be matched. We also have an great spot that just opened up arriving June 30th. Golden Stone Fly Time at Miracle Mile! August has a bit of availability and September is booking further out than normal. Late October -Early November must be on your radar if a Grey Reef Trophy is of interest? This has been our most successful big fish period of the past couple years. Plan to pound the banks and structure with streamers and hold on while these hot fall fish crush your offering.