Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

I’s a “breezy” one today!!!!  The North Platte Lodge weather station has been showing winds between 16-28mph with gusts to 44mph.

The water on Grey Reef continues to improve.  The fishing continues to be borderline on fire with smaller bugs (PALs, LAZYs, jujubee midges, etc.) being back on the menu…don’t worry big bugs are still working.

  aAs for the Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon fishing report.  The Mile has been fishing great with a purple san juan, hh mohair leech and pat’ rubber legs.  The guys seem to be doing better when they vary their depth, run to run.  Fremont Canyon has been really busy as of late but it continues to fish extremely well!  The midge hatch has been bringing fish to the surface on the calmer/overcast days.