Wyoming Fly Fishing-Winter’s Best

Another unbelievable day! It has been calm with seasonable temps and the fishing has been very good. Dry fly fishing on Grey Reef in winter!

The river isn’t frozen at any point on the upper stretch so be careful where you get that info. We had a number of people relay that information and it is incorrect.

Latest report is Wyoming is experiencing nearly 90% of our average snow pack. However, the Platte River Drainage is 76%. What does that mean if we don’t see significant snow in the next 2 months? Our water situation will be fine this year and we will likely still see some pretty good flows. But, wade fishing opportunities will remain much better after  2 years of early high flows. I would love to see super strong spring baetis hatch. Not that we haven’t had good baetis hatches but the worm hatch has been almost as strong. This will also improve spring dry fly opportunities. The reality is that our 2 wettest months are ahead of us and Casper has been getting very good snow all season. I expect we will have big snows ahead. One fact of note is that our area has seen very mild temps this winter and the term “below zero” has been almost forgotten. The past couple years previous we had a number of -20 and -30 spells.