Wyoming Winter Storm Brewing

Fishing in Central Wyoming has been, and will continue to be, excellent. Grey Reef is top producer with nymph rigs. Midges popping at the nicest part of the day…every day. Simple arrangement is midges on 4x fluoro 4-7′ and feed ’em where they are eating. They will push into fast water and drops during the hatches and tailouts and soft edges at other times.

We are about to get waylaid by another big snow event in the Alcova and Casper, Wyoming areas. Fishing will remain excellent but angler conditions will be poor at best. This is the time to stear clear of Miracle Mile as the roads will become impassable more than likely. Fremont Canyon can also get you in trouble if you aren’t careful. Stick to Grey Reef Road and the true Grey Reef Section of the North Platte River. Water conditions will be the best and we have a warm retreat at The Reef fly Shop. Snow totals for lower elevations could go over a foot. Higher elevations several feet. The skiing on Casper Mountain has been super fun the past week. Lots of powder for gravity assist folks and the Nordic Center trails are amazing for the fitness crowd.

This will likely bump the Laramie Range snowpack up over 100%. This is what got us into trouble last year. The BuRec started pushing water to Glendo and then we received a bunch of moisture locally. Nebraska told us to stop sending water and Glendo went into critical level. Grey Reef flows were cut to help lessen the burden and the spawners were left high and dry and available to angler predation. Educate yourself about trout spawning before stepping into the water. This is a critical moment for the fishery and a couple misplaced footsteps can vaporize the potential for thousands. That redd MAY have been the one that has the genetics for the big boys…we want the Trophy Trout…that is what Grey Reef is all about.