Yellow Sally!

Congrats Dan Swift and guide Stu Birdsong on a 25.5″ rainbow and a 23″ brown on the day of the blowout. Hard work, originality and willing anglers are the key. Well done fellas!

Great day today with a hesitation after lunch. It didn’t last long and the fish treated us very well for the remainder of the day. All morning was 2 midge patterns and this afternoon the PMD stuff worked really well. Other flies included purple worms and some baetis patterns.5 1/2 to 6 feet of leader with a b shot or two got the job done. Seth and his anglers were concentrating on banks and spanked ’em. Yesterday fished a lower section and was the same result in Seth and Rick’s boats…mine? Not so much. Clearly the difference between being on the water ever day. I can’t say enough about our guide staff. Impressive anyway.

Saw my first Yellow Sally of the year today. We have a tradition of eating the first Sally we see but I didn’t grab it in time. They taste sweet like a tender root of a blade of grass. No wonder the fish love them. Mmmmm….