1/19/12 Shouldn’t Complain

The past few days have been high winds along much of the eastern slope of the Rockies and into the Great Plains, we are no exception. Very strong weather systems dumping snow along the Pacific Northwest into Montana and giving Jackson a good licking. Needless to say , not a lot of fishing happening the past couple days.

One of the great benefits of this business is the opportunity to take a break from the phone, computer or shop with an hour or two of arguably the best fishing available. Especially in the dead of winter. It has been a very nice winter so far, but we are hoping it makes a turn for the worse.

Our snow pack is below average currently, but our water storage is still very strong. We are in great shape as far as water is concerned but every year of above average moisture equates to a couple more worry free when in a drought.

These winds give us a great opportunity to get the shop in order. We will be fully stocked far earlier than we ever have been. Our new shirts, hats and hoodies aren’t lasting very long. Looks like a reorder will be needed even before the February push.