Big Wind

I have to say that I’ve seen some pretty windy days living in Alcova. Granted we do have plenty of calm days, they typically do not happen with great frequency in the winter months. Nonetheless the past week here in lovely Alcova has been a battering ram of big wind. Gusts to 70-80 mph with sustained winds in the 20-40 bracket. Obviously it makes for a great reason to catch up on office work, fly shop inventory, etc. After days of the office grind I decided, along with Brad, to go fish. It wasn’t for long but we managed to get in a couple of solid hours, banging casts into the tropical storm force winds. And I must say it was worth it! We caught lots of nice fish from 15-18″, with a few larger specimens. A slow stripped Goldie continues to catch fish along with the standard nymph rig….leeches, scuds, and reef worms.