2016 Fishing Season and Winter Weather

Wyoming is slated for a jab starting tomorrow afternoon. Fishing will become a little more rowdy with 4-10 inches of snow  predicted over the next 24 hour…beginning tomorrow late. Today is breezy and near 70 degrees. The North platte River including Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon are in excellent condition and all fishing really well. As of now water conditions are great to Dave Johnston Power Plant in Glenrock, WY. We have been feeding them a midge diet primarily. Stuff like GS Mayhem, PAL, Crystal Midge, All Day may etc etc have been getting repetitive hookups. We are looking forward to a solid fishing spring and a high quality spawn from our trout. All this just keeps steamrolling throughout the season until they are big and mean for the Fall streamer sessions. Summer dry fly have been very good the past few years and I suspect we will tip the scale this year.