Spring fishing at its best!

The Reef looks good and the fishing is lights out! Good clarity has returned all the way down to lusby, ledge creek isn’t running anymore. All of our boats had stellar days yesterday, the fish were really keying in on bugs. The Reef’s PAL and an olive foam post RS2 were our top flies. Our guidesĀ  got a few fish to eat the streamer and some dries yesterday too! Also we had good reports from Miracle Mile along with Fremont! This weekend should stay fishing well with some rainy conditions which will really get the bugs going. . Now is the time to get up here and get fishing!


We are advising that everyone coming up to fish purchase their fishing license ahead of time in Laramie or Casper. All of the Game and Fish machines in Alcova are down. Sorry about the inconvenience, we are working to get this issue resolved.