Springtime on the Reef

Grey Reef is now flowing at 500 CFS and Miracle Mile is still at 1800 CFS. As of right now the water clarity below grey reef dam is still very good, but the reservoir is getting muddied up. Grey reef to lusby is still fishing great, ledge creek is still running muddy and dirtying up the river. So focus most of your effort on fishing above ledge creek, once the mud starts to run in try fishing the mud line. Below Government Bridge is a muddy mess, when that changes we will let you know. There are a lot of options open to fish when the water is off color, fishing the access points below the dam down to Pete’s Draw, fishing the afterbay below Alcova Dam, Wade fishing Cardwell/Fremont, or going out to the mile (be safe on that road though, it can be really nasty when it’s wet). RS2’s have been working great for us on every section of river, that and a Deep Purple as your point fly. More wet spring weather predicted for this weekend, but the fishing should remain solid.