ATTENTION:North Platte-Grey Reef Anglers

We have been fielding a lot of calls/e-mails in regards to the flush and potential flows for the North Platte (Reef, Mile and Fremont).  Well, here’s the skinny… The lowest storage capacity of any reservoir, upstream of Alcova, is Seminoe ~73%.  Pathfinder is at an astonishing 88.5%.  Snowpack in the upper N. Platte drainage is currently 125% and the Sweetwater is 170%.

So how’s this gonna shake out?  Well it looks like we are staring down the barrel of a BIG water year.  Obviously we understand this might be a little discouraging for some of the wadefishing crowd.  Believe or not there will still be plenty of wading opportunities to be had.  Back channels that are virtually fishless at low flows will be prime for the picking and fish will be forced to the banks in the main channel.  These potential high flows will also be extremely helpful with runoff events, rainbow trout recruitment, overall fish health and last but not least-lots and lots of elbow room.  Get your big bugs ready and buckle up! Oh and don’t forget, fish like water!