High Pressure Grey Reef Fishing Report-Spring Flushing Flows

Central Wyoming is experiencing a bout of high pressure so the fishing report is strewn with a bit of breezy…We will experience some pushy conditions over the next little while but with this will be a warming trend. The fishing at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile is chart topping. River conditions are great and the road conditions are improving to Miracle Mile. Grey Reef roads are a non issue. Fremont is fishing well and those roads are much improved. Thermopolis and the Big Horn is fishing well and the wind will be less of an issue and the congestion more of an issue.

Midge/scud rigs and midge/leech, worms and streamers (Goldie) are all very good options. A shortish nymph rig and a level streamer rig will be in the Grey Reef angler’s best interest. The flush can get our trout-buddies very elevated and suspended so dragging and dredging isn’t really the answer.

Spring flushing flows will begin the AM of the 6th of March and continue through the 15th. This is a great time to fish as some cool opportunities present themselves, these opportunities are only available during the flush. The first couple days *might* be murky but be careful to not associate murky water with unfishable as that is never really the case. The Reef Fly Shop will be open to answer questions and get you geared up. The RV park is available and there are some cottages available. The guide staff will have some gaps and our $600 for 2 anglers one day guided FULL ACCESS plus 2 nights in our cottages (is a smoking deal) will be available until mid month. FULL ACCESS means many miles of private access and 3 private boat ramps on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River. The quantity of private access we secure for our guests is in a league of its own.

Here is the pulpit speech regarding the spawn and snagging. Please, please, please understand what the spawning beds(redds) look like and do not walk through them. Please, please, please refrain from targeting or “sight” fishing to trout in shallow gravel areas. The pressure and fishing tactics employed in recent years are detrimental to the sustainability of the resource. We need reproduction and hopefully we will have a big water year as these events are the best scenario for recruitment. The snagging – pegged egg – pegged bead rigs are responsible for much of the added pressure to the fish and their condition is clear evidence of this tactic. Your bead MUST be placed within 2 inches of the eye of the fly…not hook…fly. A bare hook is an absolute no-go. Please use small hook and pinch the barb. It is still a Wyoming state statute that snagging fish is illegal. The Wyoming Game and Fish have caved on this issue and we have some work to do to really assess the cost/benefit. Pinching the barb on all of your devices is a cool thing to do and future years of Grey Reef enjoyment will reward that practice.