Back on!

As it turns out yesterday was pretty tough for all of our guides and guests. My previous post tells my sob story but the Emery group had pretty good fishing early in the day. Their afternoon was littered with grass and it was very difficult to get a clean drift. Rick finally went with a single small fly. When asked by one of the other guides if it worked he replied “We had one on!” That got some laughs.

We had 7 boats out today. 4 on the Reef and they did well. Floating grass was not a big issue. 3 of us were at the Mile and were greeted to green water rather than tannic brown water. We started hooking fish right away and did well until the end. The water cleared significantly the further down we went. It was a great day all around. No floating flugies. Big fish. Highs in the mid 70s and no wind with solid fishing. Not lights out but solid. Whew.