Grey Reef Report

Fished rugged for me and Adam this AM. We had half day trips. Early was a lot of floating grass…almost unfishiable. We got out of that mess and had good clean drifts with little attention. Not sure if this big cold front locked them up or? We managed some fish but it wasn’t an experience I want to duplicate soon.

The Emery group is out with Seth, Rick, JJ and Stu. They floated a lower section and I hope they had better results .

Did have some strong takes on moving bugs like our soft hackled hair ears and a Bush’s Crawdad. Other bugs that caught fish were foam post RS2, PMD Barr’s, Mercer’s Epoxy Back and a tan scud. I saw 3 tricos this AM…tough to get dry fly thrills with that. I expect things will be much more settled tomorrow.