Big Water is on the Way! North Platte Fishing Report

The flows are up and the fishing is on! Fishing has been great on all three tailwaters lately, don’t worry about increasing flows. We expect the flows to keep increasing, that is a good thing, fish like water! Nymphing has been king but you can still pick up fish on dries and streamers. Weather looks great this week and into the weekend, good time to get up here and fish. We have some open cottages this weekend, they wont last long, give us a call and we’ll get you set up!

Fremont/Cardwell- 75 CFS – Fishing has remained excellent on this stretch, it has been getting a fair amount of pressure though. Small bugs have been the ticket, The Reef’s PAL, LAZY, and All Day May have been working very well! Consider going a size smaller in yout tippet, the water is very clear and 5x really does help you hook more fish. Please be mindful of spawning fish and their beds. There have been numerous report of people fishing to spawning fish up here. It’s best to just let them do their thing.

Miracle Mile- The flows just jumped today to 3,200 CFS we have not had any reports from today but the past few days up there have been fishing well. Leeches, annelids, san juans, scuds, followed up by a small black midge have all been working well. You have to throw some lead on the get down to the fish right now. A few bb’s will do the trick. Play around with your depth and weight before changing your flies.

Grey Reef -2,000 CFS The Reef has been HOT! We’re finding fish on the edges of the current or the slower deeper water. As the flows keep rising the fish will move closer and closer to the bank. Which is great for wade fisherman and those fishing out of a boat alike! PSL’s, Hot Head Leeches, red and purple annelids, Purple san juan worms, and rs2’s have all been fishing well! Running 4-7 ft indicator to weight with 2 bb’s or 1 AB has been productive!

As always if you have any questions dont’ hesitate to stop by the shop or give us a call. If no one answers the shop phone be sure to leave a message, we are most likely helping someone in the shop.