Wyoming Fly Fishing and Flows

Central Wyoming experienced a day of variable weather yesterday with snow, wind and rain. The Casper region will see very nice conditions for the remainder of the week. Flows are increasing and that is welcomed! Fishing does not suffer,in the least, with increases water. Redds will have better protection, the river will clean itself quickly after a spring storms adds some murk etc. We have a fleet of great boats to rent right at The Reef fly Shop as you enter Grey Reef Rd…the ramp is only a 1/4 mile away! Bugs like PAL, and Mayhem’s have been good with a leech or worm lead. Grey Reef is fishing very well. The Mile has been bumped also…check the flow charts below. Fishing is currently fair at the Mile. Leaches, worms, midges and scuds.

Water fowl and Upland Bird hunting in Casper, Wyoming. Sage Grouse season is the last ten days of September. This hunt is limited and very productive. Hungarian Partridge and Chukar does not open until the beginning of October. If you are being sold a hunt in September it is a preserve hunt. Early season waterfowl begins the first weekend of October. All great opportunities and we are currently adding more hunting options and will keep you in the loop.

Construction on Grey Reef Rd, expect some work in the area. We suspect you will enjoy the result!