Big Wind this Weekend

Today is starting out windy and we are expecting gusts up to 50mph in the Alcova area. Tomorrow much of the same. On the bright side western WY is getting lots of needed snow again. Northern CO is also forecast for snow and we want that water. Yesterday was cold enough that ALL the drainages froze. Every little ditch has a stream of ice in it. As today’s temp’s climb into the 40s that ice will runoff and expect off color conditions even on the upper. Conditions the past few days have been off color by Governmant Bridge and mud by the Narrows. Fishing has been very good regardless of our weather. Midges, scuds, worms and leeches getting tons of attention. Streamers also doing the trick with some big Grey Reef critters posing for pictures.

Grey Reef is as healthy as it has ever been according to biologists with the WY Game and Fish. High water not only added significant and vital nutrients but purged the silt for the spawning beds. High water has also made many of the spawning areas inaccessible to the damage caused by anglers. We are excited for the next couple seasons!