Sunday and the Week Ahead

Windy again today. Muddy water down low and off color up high. Typical weather pattern EXCEPT good moisture in our forecast.

March 3rd at the Iris Theater in Casper will be the Fly Fishing Film Tour! Tickets available from TRFS call to reserve yours. Come fish next weekend then drive into town for a good meal and good entertainment. After the films walk a block or 2 to see live music in a local tavern or eat at one of our downtown restaurants (Italian, Asian including sushi, etc). We know Grey Reef is the main event but come see what else the community has to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Early Season Trips through April. Why NPL or TRFS? Easy. Most experienced guide staff, tons of private access, best location and fun! That is it in a nutshell. Of course you can have a good trip with any local shop. But we are the only shop at Grey Reef, that equates to time on the river instead of car. We have, by far (many miles), the most access (anchor, beach or wade only one other outfitter offers access) exclusively for our guests and guides.

Experienced guides, our staff has decades more Full Time Grey Reef Guiding than any other staff. These aren’t toothless claims…or fishing stories.