Booking for this Weekend and 2018

Grey Reef conditions are awesome. The weather is super nice, water clear and fishing on point. Midges, scuds and leeches. Miracle Mile streamer activity has been solid and it is well worth the effort. Traffic is definitely a bit more robust at the Mile and there has been a lot of pressure on the redds. Grey Reef is crickets and without cause…take advantage of it! The Reef Fly Shop is open daily until 2pm for winter hours. We have a couple cottages booked and a couple still available for this weekend. Our cheap trips are certainly not a reduced value. This is the time to enjoy wading all that water we have access to. Book a guide and a cottage and get even better pricing.

2018 is coming at us quickly. Get on to booking your North Platte Lodge trip ASAP. Do some diligent research. If private access and boat ramps matter? NPL has over 17 miles of exclusive Grey Reef access and 4 private boat ramps. If location is a factor? NPL is the only lodge at Grey Reef. Our staff are highly experienced fly anglers and guides and will never employ pegged bead rigs. We aim to show you a spectacular fly fishing experience with amazing meals and convenient and clean lodging. We’ve been at it for nearly  20 years.