Trout Town, Big Brown, Get Down

Fishing conditions at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile have been great. Grey Reef producing daily. The past coupe days have been streamer-focused and our Grey Reef anglers landing several browns each day. The rainbows have stolen the show with their size and tenacity. Nymphing is very good with midge/scud rigs. Deeper troughs between weed beds require a bit longer rig but plenty of fish in the 4′ range as well. Miracle Mile report is sporadic with one day super productive with streamers…enough to lure the anglers out the next day only to find finicky fish. But the size! Fremont Canyon is solid on all fronts and the fish are still looking up. Grey Reef also giving up dry fly eaters.

2018 is coming sooner than you think but not as fast as you might hope. In the meantime get your trips put together and get on the books. Food is always the big question for visitors. If you have been staying in the cottages think about upgrading to the North Platte Lodge. The food is amazing and plentiful, it is prepared for you and you don’t have to do the dishes. Win, Win.