Casper Fly Fishing – Wyoming Chinooks

Casper, Wyoming is warm and windy today. Lots of snow melting happening. The city has been a jumble of tall wind rows and drifts. Alcova has been spared the bigger snow fall totals but it is nice to have a thaw a couple times a winter. Our wind brings full winter weather conditions to the western portion of the state…Jackson is in the midst of a BIG snowfall event. Nymphing and slow stripping are the go-to modes of success on Grey Reef. Reasonable midge patterns, scuds, leeches etc. If you want to see a pretty impressive selection of midges follow Pat Dorsey on Instagram or Facebook. His fly boxes are a spectacle. Bugs are the name of the “fly fishing” game. He will also be hanging out at the International Sportsman’s Expo in the Denver Convention Center as will we. Come see us in booth 624C. Don’t tell anybody but we will have some cool stuff there. Eclipse 2017 packages, early season packages etc. If you are interested in employment in the fly fishing industry swing by and introduce yourself and drop a resume with us.