Happy New Year, Chilly, Denver ISE

Wow! Central Wyoming is cold this morning. Fishing has been very good when we have been out, but the cold conditions have helped the water fowl hunting a bunch. It is midge, scud and leech season. Midges are available to the trout from bottom of the river to the surface. Play life cycles with your patterns. When the hatch is strong the active fish will push into the faster water at the head of the run but there will always be the energy conserving bunch on the edges and tail outs. Much of the North Platte River is locked up with flow ice but there is open water at Grey Reef. Eric has been in the shop several days a week as well. Miracle Mile is fishing pretty well but be very conscious of road conditions. Fremont Canyon has been spotty but little bug rigs have been the best.

Come see us at the Denver International Sportsman’s Expo next week. We’ll be hanging around at a booth in the fishing section. Cool new stickers and show specials for lodging and trips will be available there as well. Tons of inquiries for fishing and lodging during the 2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE. This is a big event and Casper, WY is the place to be…actually with us is the place to be. You will experience totality while on the boat and have none of the pesky street lights or crowds to interfere with the best viewing possible. Casper has a little longer totality but we have the river, fish and the darkness of rurality.