Casper Fly Fishing

More incredible conditions and the fishing is as good as it gets. Stu and his guests Rick spent the entire day out of the boat. Wade fishing was excellent. He mentioned they fished super suspended all day with a leech and a PAL and caught fish at will. 3′ (at times 2′) right down the middle of the runs, tailouts, edges and seams…wherever. Rick and Rudy also had excellent fishing…what more can I say?
Took a walk with my son around the trails at the Cable (Redds Access) and there was bait fishing going on and folks camped on the redds. Bait is disallowed on the upper 8 miles until you get to Lusby FYI. The game warden mentioned that he wrote lots of tickets in the area yesterday.
Photo: My son and I spent the afternoon doing some spring cleaning along Grey Reef Road. Here is the prize.