Central Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Grey Reef Angling – Wyoming’s Grey Reef section of the North Platte River is fishing very well and conditions are improving significantly. The true Grey Reef section is old faithful and dry fly and nyphing remain solid. This will continue for the remainder of the season. Early AM Trico hatches are providing pods of surface eaters on the spinner fall. Long leaders and anticipation of the location of the next rise is key. Long drift into the pod are not needed but a soft presentation is. Nymphing Grey Reef is best done with a shorter rig and weight varies depending on location, depth and water speed. We have been having lots of success with PMD, Trico, caddis and midge patterns. Late afternoons tend to slow a bit unless you focus on the caddis activity as they keep the fish in the game late in the day. Streamers have been moderately successful and well worth the effort. We are seeing plenty of big trout including quite a few browns. The water conditions are good all the way through Casper so that opens up 80+ miles of very productive water. Water temps on the lower reaches should be monitored. We have an interesting situation with our traditional algae bloom this year in that it is very light so far.

Miracle Mile Fly Fishing – The Miracle Mile fly fishing report is also strongĀ  using similar tactics and bugs as Grey Reef. Soft Hackles and bead head pheasant tails with a foam wing RS2 dropper is a solid bet. However, Miracle Mile trout often respond well to san juan worms, leeches, half backs and Pat’s Rubber Legs. We have had some fun streamer activity at the Mile recently and the dry fly option is possible but not wide spread.

Fremont Canyon Fly Fishing – Many folks have bumped their favorite Wyoming Fly Fishing destination to Fremont Canyon and for good reason. It is wadable, readable and has big fish. Caddis nymphing and dry fly are strong with Fremont. Crawdad streamer stripping are great things to focus on. Nymph rigs similar to Grey Reef are always a solid bet although you might drop a tippet size and reduce length and weight. Don’t bypass the “difficult” spots to fish in favor of the open runs.