Cheap Trip Season and Prepping for 2020

Grey Reef has been fishing especially well. Still getting them on dry flies, streamers and nymph rigs…of course. Midges, baetis and some caddis still bopping around. The dominant hatch will continue to be midges throughout the winter season. Scuds, crawdads and leeches and the ever present midge patterns should be lining your boxes. Everyday is a fishing day on the lower North Platte River system…that is no exaggeration. You may not be equipped to handle the really rough weather but the fish don’t care. Miracle Mile fishing has been good but a junk show. Really congested and lots of targeting spawning fish. That being said, there are high quality fish in areas where they are actually feeding. Fremont is super fun and presenting some nice dry fly options. The streamer game is strong and you can get away with a pretty aggressive retrieve on the right day. Not tons of banks to target but those that have the right cover are well worth it. Retrieving across the runs and through slack water has been successful. Stay high in the system for the big boys or even walk the pathway in Casper to target some sippers…many are in the 10-12″ range but there are brutes through town as well.

We’ve got the best cheap trip option with location, lodging and access. We’ve only got one remaining cottage available for this weekend and over Thanksgiving. Save a bunch of coin and have a great experience.

Upland Bird Hunts, we are booking upland hunts with our Big Horn Basin program. Great hunting with a solid fishing option to match. Wild Chukar, Huns and Pheasant.

2020 NPL Bookings- It is time! Get your plans dialed and on the books. We’ve always been fortunate to have strong repeat guests but we do still have really good lodge openings for next season. Give a call to explore the best timing for you and your group. 307.237.1182