Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Snow has piled up and the ice has started to form along the
edges of the North Platte River. Animals have started to move
to their winter ranges and the fish have slid down in the runs
with the cold-water temps. This can be some of the best times
to take advantage of the vacant banks, crowd less runs, and
abundant fish. Of course, the ice and wind can make it
challenging. This is when the slower, tail outs of runs can be
your most productive areas. Like many things in the winter, fish
become lethargic. Wanting to conserve as much energy as
possible. Eating the easiest of food. Start by working soft edges
of seams. Changing lengths and depths. And moving down in
the runs. The fish will be sitting in places that can be hard to get
a perfect drift. Mending will be harder with the more delicate
presentations needed at times. But be patient. Pack extra gear
prepare to chip ice from your guides. If you can handle it,
you’re in for some amazing opportunity at world class fish.

The Reef Fly Shop has just what you need to get you going.
From the gear to the trip. Contact the shop to get your “off
season rate” and your trip booked. We have the best access for
wade fishing slow runs and our ramps on the upper stretch
allow for access to float stretches that typically never freeze
over. And what better gifts for the holiday season than some
gear from the shop! From Santa rod and reel set ups to stocking
stuffers of all sizes, we have what you need. If you are out in
Alcova stop in to see some great sales and prices for anyone in
your family.

Give us a shout if you’d like to explore a Spring trip to Grey Reef. 307.237.1182