Clearing Up


Sloanes General Store is no longer selling licenses and we will not be able to keep up with the demand so PLEASE get your licenses before you get here. Thank you!

GREY REEF: 1,300cfs. Water is fishable from Grey Reef Dam to Casper. Water temperatures are good, hovering around the low 60s. Clarity does diminish the further down you go but it is fishable. We are getting a decent number of fish to eat the streamer on the lower reaches. Otherwise it’s tricos in the AM and caddis in the PM, with the occasional hopper eater.

FREMONT CANYON: 82cfs and holding steady. Tricos in the morning and the fish are looking up!

MIRACLE MILE: Flows have reduced to 1,400cfs. Caddis,worms and leeches. The lower reach has been fishing best for sure.

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