Dog Days, Hatches & Haze

Central Wyoming anglers are squarely involved in the dog days of summer. Lots of great things happen this time of year and some not so great. Not so great items are…it is pretty warm (for us, folks from other parts of the country laugh at our whining), water temps are getting to be a concern (stay high in the system, keep fish in the current- release them quickly with a pinched barb and don’t fish if the water is too warm), the sky has been hazy the past few days due to wildfires across the West. The great items include awesome hatches, dry fly, streamer, nymphing, river swims, wet wading, light river traffic, and how much better a cold beer tastes at the end of the day.

Grey Reef Flows are 1500CFS, Miracle Mile flows are 780cfs and Fremont Canyon flows are 75cfs. Hatches include AM and PM Tricos, PM PMDs , midday hoppers, PM caddis, PM stones. Grey Reef has been having fun fishing with trico spinners in the AM and emergers and duns in the early evening, this is also true of the PMDs in the evening. Midday caddis movement in heavy water has been stellar for nymphing and they get gulped off of the surface in the eves. The hopper bite has been luke warm lately but still very worth it. Nocturnal Stones have been hurting our Pat’s Rubberleg supply and fish are crushing streamers in hot spots. Leeches everywhere and scuds always produce this time of year dredged along weed beds. Fremont Canyon has been a bit more tech but the trico and caddis thing is solid. Miracle Mile is pretty standard with leeches, crawdads, stones and worms shouldering the majority of the labor but Milers in-the-know will step back and give ’em some emerging tricos, midges and PMDs and keep a caddis pattern rolling through the riffles.

The forecast for this Friday is 84*! The next week will be significantly cooler so that will help with late day angler energy levels and water temps.

Don’t forget to come back again in 2020 and take advantage of our discount! We have a couple guests keeping the whole crew employed it seems:) This is a stretch but we are very thankful for all of you!

Our first big game hunt starts next week, wow. We’ve had a tremendous response to cast and blasts this year and are tapped for 2020 Sage Grouse hunts. We limit this program to just a few hunts and will book for 2021 starting the first week of October. These will all be hunting and lodging packaged moving forward. Seeing huns and blue grouse and have had a robust interest in waterfowl cast and blasts as well.

Still time to jump on a Sept or Oct or early Nov lodge package for your crew! Give a call and we’ll put something together!