Love this time of year!

GREY REEF-2,100cfs



Lots of things happening on Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont!  The drop in flows last week has been great for most aspects of the fishing.  As expected, we are defintey seeing larger numbers of tricos and more fishing looking up to feast on the them.  Lighter tippet(5X) has been the name of the game, as some of these fish are proving to be hard to feed.  And don’t be afraid to go with something a little different.  When the fish are seeing thousands of trico spinners, give them something else to look at.  Try a parachute adams or a purple rooster(sz. 16 or 18), something that stands out from the crowd.  Nymphing, of course, is still productive from start to finish.  Shorter has been better, 3.5-5ft and 1-2BB.  Any seam or drop is the place to be and don’t pass up the faster moving water.  Pine squirrel leeches, san juan worms, birds nest, bh mercer’s, foam wing RS2, tung teasers are all at the top of our fly list right now.  As for the hoppers…we are officially in to hopper season. Granted it has already been going for the past month, August thru mid-September is historically the best for pitching big foam. Early on, the hopper bite was really only happening on Upper Grey Reef.  As things have progressed, we now have consistent hopper action on almost all stretches of the river.  A single hopper has proven to be the most effective and it’s all about the drift.  Not every eat has been tight to the bank, so leave that hopper in the water!!