Drying Out?


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Well, it looks like me might be finally starting to dry out here in Central Wyoming. We’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails regarding the current conditions, so here you go…

GREY REEF: 1,000cfs. Upper Grey Reef is in pretty good shape and fishable to just above Government Bridge. Water conditions below the bridge are still pretty rough. That being said, it should improve as long as another monsoonal pattern doesn’t set back in.

FREMONT CANYON: 80cfs. Mostly clear and fishable.

MIRACLE MILE: 2,800cfs. Clear and fishable. Flows continue to hold steady be we are projecting an increase sooner than later. Road conditions to the Mile have improved with the dry weather but be on your toes if thunderstorms pop back up on the radar.

We are currently in the “in-between” zone as far as bugs are concerned. Baetis have tapered off and we headed towards PMD, sally and caddis season. Golden stones should be coming more into play on the Mile as we head towards July. Looking forward to an exciting summer!!

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