Updated River Conditions


Sloanes General Store is no longer selling licenses and we will not be able to keep up with the demand so PLEASE get your licenses before you get here. Thank you!


After another round of rain yesterday and through the night, here’s where we are at. Grey Reef flows dropped to 1,000cfs last night. Why? Glendo Reservoir is now at 94.5% capacity and it’s about to get another big jolt in the next 24-36 hrs with all of the runoff making its way downstream. The water coming out of Alcova is getting better…off-colored but green. Grey Reef is still blown out and more or less, unfishable. Fremont Canyon is in pretty good shape and holding steady at 80cfs. The Mile is clear and holding steady at 2,800cfs. The road is in pretty rough shape so plan on spending some money at the car wash. With the low pressure system starting to make its way out we are expecting conditions to improve day by day.

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