Fall Fishing and Eclipse 2017

If you like September then you should try October…experience the reason the guides love October. 

Are you aware of the total solar eclipse of Aug 21 2017. Casper Wyoming is directly in the heart of the shadow and has the best viewing potential of anywhere in the world due to our high likelihood of bright blue and pollution free skies. Grey Reef is the coolest place to be while this rare event happens. Hook and land a Grey Reef brute during the eclipse!!

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing continues it’s streak of excellence. Greg Reef is fishing very well with all techniques…nymphing, drys and streamers. Bring all your gear! The Htey Reef system from Alcova to Glenrock and through Casper has very clear and cool conditions and steady at 1500 cfs. Great time to rent one of our drift boat fleet. Miracle Mile is nymphing very well and the flows are 800cfs. Fremont is a trico and caddis paradise!