Moving to Fall

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is turning and burning. August was super busy and September is going to smash that…strap on the seatbelts! We do still have a cottage and a guide available this coming weekend, get it! 

Grey Reef flows are down to 1000cfs and the North Platte River has recovered after the burp last weekend.  The dirty conditions didn’t stop the fish. Trico hatches, caddis, psuedos, midges etc all in play. Dry/dropper rigs? Yes. Streamers? Yes. Light nymph/emerged rigs? Of course. Techy dry fly? Indeed. 

Miracle Mile flows are 500cfs and the NPL and TRFS guides reporting very good fishing. A bit brown but that is the standard tannic tinge this time of year.  Primarily nymphing but great wading opportunities. 

Fremont Canyon is brownish as well and fishing good during hatches. Plenty of surface or very near activity. Force feeding them during the lull hasn’t been great, however. 

We are throttled up and will start to pull back to cruise control about the time that the notorious BGRT (big grey reef trout) start getting really active. Trophy Time in Trout Town. October through mid November.