Fall Fly Fishing In Wyoming

Central Wyoming fly fishing guide report is very good. There was a fair amount of floating debris yesterday but fishing was great despite. The debris was present from top to bottom, Grey Reef to Glenrock, WY. Morning dry fly sessions have slowed significantly but the evening is still good. Grey Reef Flows remain at 1000cfs. The annual Alcova Reservoir draw down begins Oct 1st and there will be heavy equipment in the North Platte River near Morad Park starting the 29th of Sept. Expect muddy conditions down stream while the river channel work is in progress. This is a multi year project that might disrupt the fall fishing below Casper, Wyoming. Not to fear, the really big fish are at Grey Reef.

Miracle Mile fly fishing is also good. Size is great and the numbers not as strong as Grey Reef. Miracle Mile flows are 880cfs and water conditions are nice and clear. Streamers getting some love but nymphing is king and dry fly is rarely a consideration.

Fremont Canyon is fishing great with all disciplines employed. Bring multiple rods and drift, swing, strip and keep them dry. Our favorite little local Disneyland fishery is giving up the goods.

Wyoming Sage Grouse hunting is excellent. Our hunters are seeing a LOT of birds but spending time to take the right specimen. This is a hunt and not a shooters game. Boots and dogs get a workout. I bumped 4 coveys of Huns yesterday and each covey had 12-15 birds. I am also regularly seeing Blue Grouse in spots they have not been present for several years. Pretty exciting!

Trophy Trips: this is the season and if you have buck fever (likely hen fever) book a trophy trip now. The Ongaro crew had a successful trip to the North Platte Lodge and this is how they capped their trip. Taylor with her 30″ prize and NPL/TRFS guide Hooly Henson as the netress.