Grey Reef River Flows and Conditions

Just received word that Grey Reef flows will be systematically reduced until we are at the winter operating level of 500cfs by the 30th of September. Miracle Mile flows will shadow that. Currently Grey Reef flows are 1000cfs and Miracle Mile flows are 850cfs. Fremont Canyon flows are 72cfs. North Platte River is fishing very well at all venues. Grey Reef has had a fair amount of floating debris but the proper technique continues with very productive results. There is a very simple formula to combat this phenomenon. If you can’t get a clean entry in the water in a particular location move on around the next corner and try again. Keep your rigs flowing with the current. If you strip your rigs in or fail to get a dead drift is is inevitable that you will collect debris. The collision “drift” is what some anglers get so frustrated about. It is the same concept as driving in traffic….keep with the flow. Resist the urge to strip your rig in before casting…just rip it out and get back in the water.

quick tips for fishing with guides this time of year:

1. They know there are good chances you will get some vegetation on your hooks, don’t declare “weeds” or “bottom” every time.

2. They know that if you quit setting the hook because you are certain you have “weeds” you have doomed yourself and the guide for the day. Just set the hook on everything. I say “set the hook now and settle the doubts later”.  If it is weeds a quick hook set will get you back in the water clean rather than a guarantee of a glob of stuff to deal with if you left it drag out there. Likely it will be a fish and you have properly executed a hook set and the smile will bulge with a fat Grey Reef rainbow giving you a struggle. FACT: Many trophy class trout takes will look exactly like you are hung on bottom. They will stay in their lie and casually move to your bug and let it drift into their mouth. Do not squander that opportunity!

This little editorial makes it sound like this are really bad and they are not…at all. But floating vegetation is a reality on many fertile waterways this time of year. The fish still eat! Come prepared to master the conditions and have tons of success.