Fantastic Fall

After a spring and summer full of moisture and harsh water conditions, fall has shown up and things are looking great! Grey Reef is looking the best it has all year. We have fishable water from Grey Reef dam to Glenrock. That’s a pile of water!! Nymphs, streamers and dries are all in play. Of course there’s the standard vegetation on the upper but it’s still fishing well. If you want to avoid the veg, just head downstream. The current weather and conditions, we really couldn’t ask for better than what we have right now.

GREY REEF: 500cfs. Clear/mostly clear. Tricos still popping in the morning/psuedos and caddis in the afternoon. Nymphs, streamers and dries. Pick your poison.

FREMONT CANYON: 80cfs. Mostly clear. Tricos in the morning/caddis in the afternoon.

MIRACLE MILE: 600cfs. Mostly clear. Nymphs and streamers.

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