Another Storm

Well, per usual and on par for this season we saw another storm hammer Central Wyoming at the tail end of last week. Roughly a day and half of rain and snow did what we didn’t want it to do, blow the river out. Good thing is dry conditions have settled back in and we are on the mend. Long range forecast shows more of the same so we should only continue to improve on Grey Reef.

GREY REEF: 500cfs. Mostly clear below Grey Reef Dam. Slightly off-colored at Government Bridge, muddy in Casper. Like we said above this should only improve. Currently nymphing and streamers. As we continue to clear up the dry fly activity should pick back up.

FREMONT CANYON: 80cfs. Mostly clear. A few tricos in the morning, otherwise nymphing and streamers.

MIRACLE MILE: 600cfs. Mostly clear. Nymphs and streamers. Road conditions were VERY rough but improving as we dry out. Fishing has been so-so at best.

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