The Flows have Dropped? North Platte Fishing Report

The flows have dropped on all three tailwater sections and we don’t really know why. We’re still above normal for our snowpack levels and the reservoirs are approaching max capacity. The water clarity is still awesome and should stay that way. So we will see what happens in the next few days, as of now the flows are

Grey Reef: 2,500 CFS

Miracle Mile: 1,950 CFS

Fremont/Cardwell: 300 CFS

Fishing has remained solid though, the baetis hatch has been incredible on all three sections. Red San Juan has still been the top producer with a RS2  being a close second. Reef Worms, leeches, and midges are all still catching fish. For the Mile add Pats rubber legs, hot head sow bugs, and various scud patterns.

As always don’t hesitate to stop by or give the shop a call with any questions!