Miracle Mile Flows, Grey Reef drops, Fremont Canyon Flops

Wyoming Fly Fishing just had a strange twist. Flows are dropping on all 3 tail waters. Miracle Mile dropped to 1950 cfs, Grey Reef flows down to 2500 cfs and Fremont is getting cute again. This is a double edged sword as the baetis hatch will improve and emerger and dry fly will be awesome. It will expose the redds more and hoping the flows stay up in some fashion to protect the trout eggs and keep anglers out of the critical areas.  Fishing has been pretty silly the past few days and this trend will continue. We are back in a fair weather cycle so enjoy! The 2 Fly tournament is this coming Thursday and Friday and that will put a pile of boats on the water. 

This weekend will be relatively quiet as it always is after the 2 Fly…again, enjoy. 

In lieu of the boat ramp shuttle stalking just a reminder that our shuttle service has been around for years and the way we design the service is that we keep very experienced drivers and they are paid in a way that rewards slow and careful driving…hourly. When the drivers are paid per shuttle it encourages fast and careless transport. Swing into The Reef Fly Shop and fill out a shuttle sheet and be confident in our experience, longevity and commitment to excellence.