Fly Fishing Film Tour Tomorrow Eve

Yesterday was very nice with light wind and seasonable temps. Today is calm and 10* so far but expect to see light wind and mid 20s for high temps. Tomorrow will be warmer but winds up to 40+mph. Needless to say we postponed trips and were able to move one to Sunday. But, you can do some things to combat the wind.

-Get out early and get off early if you are floating. Often the wind doesn’t get cranking until late morning. That leaves 4-5 hours of calm conditions.If the wind is ripping early then go to plan B.

-Find wade fishing spots protected from the wind. Even if you might not think those spots are the “best” run. Reality is there are fish everywhere and cracking the code by putting some time into water you don’t fish is an eye opening experience. Get rid of the idea that you have to fish the most obvious water that everybody else runs for. Really learn the river.

-Switch rod. Again you can learn a new technique that makes it infinitely easier to fish in tough spots and windy conditions.

-Book a wade fishing trip with NPL or TRFS. We have tons of private access and have many runs that are protected and that only we can wade fish.

Tomorrow evening is the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Casper, WY. It will start at 6:30 in the lobby of the Iris Theater in  downtown. Great entertainment and walking distance to good pubs and restaurants. We will have  prizes and be positioned close to the beverage (beer) vendor! Tickets are $20 at the door or call us to reserve a $15 ticket to hold in “will call’  VIP style.