Wyoming Fly Fishing

Water conditions are holding up well. Fishing is very good. Weather is variable. Recipe for a great day outdoors.

Spent the day at Miracle mile on Monday. Road conditions were pretty good as was the fishing. Nymphing was really good with Pat’s Rubber Legs, Amber scuds and midge patterns. The midge hatch was impressive as this picture of Brad shows. A couple of us spent the entire day with 2 handed rods swinging big flies. It was well worth the effort and we even landed a walleye on the swing.

Upcoming forecast has significant wind and we cancelled our last weekend trips due to big winds.

With the mild winter we expect a very early start to the season. The shop is stocked with everything you will need. The lodge has some good April and Early May spots. Enjoy the lodge experience! We do all the work while you enjoy time with your group and amazing guides.