Fly Fishing Grey Reef Conditions Reports

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing on Grey Reef is very good and the highest returns will come from a nymph rig. Red and purple San Juan worms, red and purple impalers, natural and brown leeches and olive and amber scuds leading a brown , gray or purple foam wing Rs2. Mayhem Midges and PALs also doing very well. Steamer are producing on a slow swing and strip…articulated Goldies, Platte River Specials and Spiders, Bergin Buggers as well as the big stuff like Dungeons and Home Invaders.

The Grey Reef section (Grey Reef Dam – Government Bridge) is in good condition and recovered nicely from the runoff we experienced with last weeks warm up. Below Government Bridge is muddy.

Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon fly fishing reports are solid although not as good as Grey Reef. The road conditions to Miracle Mile are good now as well.