Fly Fishing Report for Central Wyoming

Fishing on the North Platte River sections of Miracle Mile, Grey Reef and Fremont canyon are a very good. With our recent warm weather the small tributaries and ditches are running off. Bates Creek is high and Muddy so the river conditions below that point are brown. The Upper Grey Reef from the Dam to a couple miles below Government Bridge are clear and fishing excellent. Baetis have made their grand appearance and those critters should never be ignored in the spring, midges are all over as well. Small worms..err…annelids (sorry) are fetching fish and the pine squirrel leach in natural has been a go to. Eggs will get them but are unneeded. Fish a bit stealthy. The Mile is rocking with worms, beady leaches and midge stuff. Fremont Canyon fishing report dictates small bugs and light tippet. Also some surface feeding at both Grey Reef and Fremont…spinners and duns.

The weekend we might be in for some Wyoming Spring rowdiness. The weather will be cooling down and there are chances of moisture. This may be the perfect opportunity for the streamer enthusiast. Go get ’em!

Walleye fishing has been superb in Pathfinder. Get in your tube and get some fish tacos with traditional sinking lake tactics. Trolling a streamer at 6-14 ft could get you a delicious meal.