Flying By

It’s crazy how quickly October has flown by. Well, as we make our way into November Central Wyoming just saw its first legit cold snap. Temperatures well below freezing, a little snow-but the way it looks we are working our way back and have a nice week ahead. Recent moisture events have clouded up Grey Reef a little bit. Conditions are still very much fishable but not as clear as normal.

GREY REEF: 500cfs, slightly off-colored from Grey Reef dam to Casper, cloudy downstream. Nymphing and streamers.

FREMONT CANYON: 75cfs, slightly off-colored. Nymphing and streamers.

MIRACLE MILE: 525cfs, mostly clear. Nymphing and streamers. Fishing has been so-so at best.

*Brown trout are starting to get a little fired up as the phase into their pre-spawn/spawn ritual. Please remember NOT to target fish on redds. Thank you!

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