Glory Days of January

Wow, wow and wow!!!!  We have had some glorious and weird weather here in Central Wyoming.  40s and rain last night, 48F, sunny and DEAD CALM today.  Had some guide boats on the water earlier this week…streamer fishing was awesome!  Small stuff-olive crystal bugger, bread n butter and a tan near-nuff.  We had some pretty aggressive takes but our retrieve was mid-tempo, not too fast, not too slow.  As always the nymphing on The Reef is solid-reef worms, tan and/or gray micro scud, pulsating emerger, PAL, etc.  Our folks have been doing best in the lower half of the run-typical winter water.  Although our folks haven’t been up there in the past few weeks-Fremont and Miracle Mile are fishing well according to the folks stopping in the fly shop.