Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Grey Reef angling has been excellent and the weather has been amazing. Fly fishing the North Platte River including Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon and Grey Reef is very productive and requires little additional effort right now. Generally the road to Miracle Mile would cause some to steer clear until spring but not an issue for the past month. We did get a skiff of snow last night and the temps dropped to a more seasonable range but nothing to fret about.

Nymph rigs- simple 2 fly arrangement with the ability to run 8′ but typically set to 6 or 7′ with an indicator and b shot or 2 and a midge and a leech or scud will to the trick at all venues. Keep it simple and focus on tail outs and inside seams most times but sneak up to the drops and outside seams during the midge hatch.

Streamers-We have experienced some awesome streamer fishing this week and it has been a small olive crystal bugger on a moderate retrieve … low and level.

Drys – Yep, that too. Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon trout love to snack on top. Midges are lazily ambushed in big slicks at Grey Reef…this makes a challenging game! Fremont Canyon is a little easier to get a hold of the risers.

Expecting more warm conditions this week. Don’t hesitate too long while the snow is sub par for skiing.