Grey Reef!

Pretty deep into the Christmas season and we are enjoying some beautiful days on Grey Reef. We have had some snow over the post couple days and that brought cooler temps. The North Platte River is slushy below Government Bridge but in prime condition below Grey reef Dam. Fishing is very good and we have had good midge activity to keep the fish involved. HWY 220 is just fine and should be dry by the end of the day. It is calm so don’t be surprised to have dry fly opportunities at Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon. Both will get attention on streamers and nymphing will keep the permagrin permanent. Soft edges and tailouts but they will move into pushier water during the hatch. Miracle Mile fly fishing is also strong with swung streamers and nymph rigs. Non descript tailouts are loaded so fling some cast into random looking stuff.

If you need some great BuffTrout gear from The Reef Fly Shop we will be open until 1 today and tomorrow. We have Christmas break cottage availability and it is a perfect place to celebrate the new year. Casper has some cool things to do as well. Backwards Distilling tasting room after a trip to the Nic (our art museum) to witness Picaso, Dali, Remington pieces. Who knew we had such culture? The Nordic center has great snow for snowshoe, ski, skating etc. Bring your fat bikes…we have groomed single track for those. The Nordic center has lights for night skiing. We also have some fun local live music almost any night of the week. Fish, ski, snowshoe, bike, craft spirits and music…dang!