Wyoming Weather, Fly Fishing and Cheap Trips

Wyoming fly fishing doesn’t benefit (short term) from the arctic air and we enjoyed at -10* this AM. Looking on the bright side arctic air is excellent defense against pine beetle and the dead forests that can contribute trout defeating sediment into waterways. Grey Reef is slushy not too far from the dam but the upper is fishable IF you are slightly crazy. Tonight we are expecting -20* or more.

‘Tis the season for the cheap Grey Reef Fly Fishing trip and Denver sport shows. We won’t be attending but that doesn’t mean you can’t book the best value in off season trips with us. Take a peek at www.northplatteflyfishing.com to view fishing and lodging packages. A few things to consider when booking a cheap trip.

1. Will you have access to private land? Likely not as only one other outfitter provides their guest with meaningful access for anchoring and wading. None can come close to the quantity of access we provide.

2. Will you get a true full day trip? Probably not as these trips tend to be abbreviated by several hours. We do not abbreviate the trip and you enjoy a full day on Grey Reef.

3. Will you benefit from a prime Grey Reef location? We are the only fly fishing lodging/shop and outfitter on Grey Reef Rd. You spend a minute in the guide’s vehicle on your way to the ramp and 10 minutes on the return. This translates into more time on the water.

4. Will your lodging be first class? There are no facilities that rival The Reef Cottages. Simply put, our lodging is meant to make your trip extremely comfortable not just sufficient.

You can get a cheaper trip but you can’t get a better value.