Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Guides at the Grey Reef Fly Shop have 100 years of experience combined

Not much has changed including big smiles on angler’s faces. The PMD and Yellow Sally hatches are still pretty sporadic. Caddis is okay. All 3 will come on, inĀ  a big way, soon. Fishing is very good right now. Many of our guides are encouraging their guests to spend some time throwing streamers as it has been effective and the trophy class fish are on the prowl. But, admittedly, it is hard to tear yourself away from the wildly productive nymph rig.

Those who prefer to wade or don’t have a boat need not be discouraged. Wade fishing is excellent at Grey Reef. If you are needing some help finding productive water to wade give us a call or stop in to The Reef Fly Shop. It is pretty straight forward. Or, better yet, book a Grey Reef Primer Trip and have one of our guides show you how to fish Grey Reef in its current state.

Miracle Mile has been fishing well and the Golden Stones are present. This is a cool hatch that some may discount…that is completely unjustified BTW.

Bring the family for the 4th of July. Book a cottage, enjoy the fireworks at Alcova Lake and get your fill of fishing. If you get tired of catching fish swing out to Independence Rock and Martin’s Cove for a good education in the Oregon Trail. Or swing up to Sandy Beach at Alcova and build sandcastles with the kids. Lots of great activities and we have you covered for great nightly lodging.

NPL also has a couple eves available for one or two anglers. This is a great time of year on the lower North Platte…excellent fishing with a variety of techniques, great weather and very low angler pressure. Kind of like the olden days or wild west of fly fishing;)

Pic: Harrison Nash of TRFS and NPL smiling a couple days ago. I wonder why? This animal ate a sz20 black Tailwater Tiny